I went to town looking for Hotel Quality Panaroma to pick up some stuff dad had sent with a friend of his. So while looking I turned to a stranger for help, at a fish store. I think the guy was having raw shrimps, but he did agree to help me, by driving me to the hotel!!! ok! cool! so Asif bhai (who kindly agreed to accompany me) and i got into his station wagon and drove off. Turned out our stranger is an artist! a sculptor! i am very new to the city, so didn't recognize the place he was talking about where he was supposed to have a piece of his work. Then he drove us a few blocks away to that place to show us his work! It was all good, and as it turned out, I have been to that place before but I was embarassed since I didn't notice his sculpture then! At the end of the journey to the hotel, he handed me a card! So anyone who is reading this, meet the friendly neighborhood sculptor Pal Svensson (there should be a small circle over the 'a' and its pronounced as 'Paul'!).