Since i came to Sweden...

I couldn't charge my laptop battery since none of the plug points here accept the flat points my charger had! (Bought a new cable to connect my charger)

My laptop's wireless internet did not work (got that fixed later with help from online forums).

My phone's charger was missing (forgot to pack it... anyway, it wouldn't have worked! it was a bad ass big one with 3 points).

My two-pin charger was sent over which didn't charge the phone battery well! If i charged it at night and had the battery last till evening! (somehow it got better and now it seems normal again!)

The hair trimmer was plugged for its maiden run and after 5-10 minutes of use gave off smoke and a burning smell (i put it by the window where it can cool down now)

My quick shave of just the moustache with just the razor left off a bad wound that I have been living with for quite some time now! Its fugly if you ask me.

Finally, for the grand... coupe de grace (sorry to all french and literary people for any spelling mistakes), my laptop stopped working on friday. First the blue screen with the windows registry error and then a failure from the inside due to which the computer wont even respond to the PWER ON button! Then I sent it to the service people and they came back with a phone call.... my motherboard needs replacing, the cost is 4820 Kr including service charge!

How am i doing?