so i started to listening to Nirvana again... taking my mind through the path of memories back to the day... smells like teen spirit... but its the wrong smell at the wrong time... hahha.

as for life.
hmm.... i am caught between projects. nothing seems to be moving. been fiddling around with JMusic for a while, and when i am working at home i feel the need for the internet to dig up some help - resources, tutorials ...whatever... and when i am in campus and i have the internet .. the pc slows up (2.2GHz and 512RAM.. wtf?), hangs, i get sidetracked to blogs, forums and whatnot that has nothing to do with my projects whatsoever! F O S U C.. i eman... focus of course! :p

i havn't touched my guitar for eternities it seems... and i haven't dared hook up the guitar processor in this one month ... the fear that it too will start giving me trouble. hmmm... pessimisssst is me.

plus on the bus i had the sinister thought of taking all the money i have and start a tour of europe till i am financially drained and have only so much to take me home.. then go home and beg my old company to take me back... that way i will have had a European holiday (oohlala)! And become a very poor man. Which is gonna happen anyway soon.. should be thinking of looking for some kind of way to earn some.