The number of hours in a day. Cut out the neccessary 6 hours of sleep (or so i heard, 5, 7 and 8 are also good candidates) that is healthy then you have 18 hours or so. I am coming close to regarding myself as a slob of the highest order when I think of how I spend those hours.

First I guess i should mention the little assignment we got recently for a course. One of the requirements of the course is to catalog or record basically, a 24 hour period of our lives from this week. I started mine at 12 AM (a few hours ago). I decided to record on a 24 hour timeline a few things i consider are variables of my life - the band i am listening to at a point in time, the clothes i am wearing, the food i am eating, something I am reading (website, news, books etc) and a person i am talking to.

Now that I am writing down at the precise moment I am for example starting to read something or change the music to a different band, I am realizing that I am reading 3 things at the same time, and the urge to change a song when it hasn't even reached halfway is immense. I cannot focus on one thing for a considerable amount of time to let it sink in. Writing down as i am doing now however has served to raise my consciousness and thus I am fidgeting less tonight. I hate to think how i go on about things usually. As of a few seconds ago i was reading a Daily Star article on the rich - poor gap in our society, "How to Create Timelines" at a opensource project website, and John Maeda's book Simplicity. John was saying something about complexity and simplicity being on a cycle of their own, coming and going with equal portions of stay and thus creating a balance of things. I need that balance. The cycle I am on has square wheels.

As much as I had loathed the beginning of this assignment, it has been nothing short of an eye opener for me. 24 hours could be put to so much use.