Yesterday in class, we were asked who won the nobel prize for literature. No one knew except the professor since it was announced just minutes ago and he was the one who checked it. I for one didn't know the Nobel prizes were being announced. Then he asked us who we would suggest for this category. At first I couldn't think of anyone, but later managed to remember one name - Arundhati Roy. Then now I remember I would also like to nominate Percival Everett. That would be two authors, from whom I have read more than one book (=2). Oh, that would also bring in Robert Ludlum and John Grisham in the race. Frankly, I should not be asked such a question.

Anyway, just minutes ago I also found out that the Nobel Peace prize was announced and its Dr. Younus and his Grameen Bank who are the winners! That is mighty nice to know. Good intentions should always be acknowledged.

Meanwhile, via email, i received a report on the corrupt millionaire ministers of the land - You may read it here.