Out of all the 'community' sites that came out, none got the coverage myspace got. Its talked about on cable tv, its become quite iconic of the new media culture. Yet, I fail to see why. The interface of myspace is one of the bad ones, its uncomfortable to use. To customize its templates takes painful amounts of time, and more importantly, the mail system has failed me always. 'New Messages' it says when i log in, but my mailbox is empty. I get emails now and then to join MySpace Groups! Sometimes from unlikely stuff like 'Sexy Singles', and all invite links from the email led to MySpace saying "Invalid Group ID". Well, I am totally not satisfied with the experience i am having with myspace, of which i have two accounts, and that too because the convert to artist (musician) profile feature they have did not work, i had to open another so i could showcase my music. tsk tsk tsk.

And everyone is on it! I found Joe Satriani there! Found Disco Ensemble, the coolest band at Hultsfred music festival this year. And even Cryptic Fate who just released their third, extraordinary album titled Danob.