I am thrilled that we are having an international film festival! I am sad that its so far away from me! I wish the festival was spread across town rather than centered around Dhaka University. I can see the advantages of having it in that area - the Public Library auditorium is there, there are some in the National Museum, and there are some showings in Alliance Francais in Dhanmondi.

I did manage to go up there, and one movie I enjoyed a lot was "Nobel Thief", which came from Kolkata starring Satyajit Ray's favorite Soumitro Chatterjee and the Disco Dance famed Mithun Chakrabartee. Its a fictitious account of a poor fellow from a village finding the Rabindranath Tagore's nobel medal which the thieves have dropped on their escape route. The poor man and the poor village he hails from find themselves in a dilemma to whether to return it, or whether they can sell the medal to bring some much needed money into their village. The setup, the dialogues and the execution of the film was exquisite, and it kept the audience laughing and jeering throughout. I recommend this film to everyone. The Dhaka Film Festival is going on till the 20th, so go!

Meanwhile, the lil promo that was made for the festival is also quite enjoyable:

Not so enjoyable, is the fact that someone is spending a lot of money to produce some mediocre cinema as well: