It was an interesting phenomenon, to see how major websites came up with different ideas to protest the passing of the SOPA and PIPA bill to curb on how materials like photos, videos and music are posted online, a bill that was backed by the movie and music industry. Wikipedia posed a blackout for 24 hours to demonstrate a world without user content and others found their own way of getting the word out, e.g. - Google started a petition. This morning we are met with the news of senators backing out of the bill. I really wonder why we couldn't come up with these kind of ideas to protest the changes made to our constitution which are highly undemocratic to the point of being tyrannic or oppressive. Many intellectuals wrote about it in the papers' editorials, but was that enough? Why couldn't the newspapers, TV channels and news websites come together to raise their voice, or to at least let everyone know what the implications are for such a bill. The Googles and Wikipedias did marvelously to spread awareness of the issue on the whole as much as they did on the actual protest. Is that too much to ask for here?