When I realized i didn't want to be John Rambo,

(I had stickers and postcards with this image)
(PS. I don't anymore)

I quickly shifted my dreams to becoming a rockstar.
But being a bangladeshi you always have your parents drum in dreams of becoming a doctor, an engineer or a successful businessman all the time into you. Being a rockstar wasn't an option. Once you accepted that, you feel like you have grown up and accepted the r-e-a-l world. While i went about following the more pragmatic scenarios for a future, I did have the feeling that it would be nice to be in photography, or at least have that as a hobby while I keep a secure profession of ...whatever.

Well, I still have that feeling, and though I could not afford the camera of my dreams, I ended up with something I could use to take decent photographs, and store them on Flickr. Once you get a hold of this website, browsing through it and using its search facility, you get into a really amazing world. It just inspires you further. There are lots of good photographers, and there are lots of cliques of photographers, lots of 'pools' of photographs etc.
Also there are so many who are experts on Photoshop and I suppose other photo manipulation softwares who are doing amazing stuff.

My favorite thing to do at the moment is to look for people working on a concept. E.g. -

As is told by the author, its conceptualized from Through the Looking Glass. It is a very direct interpretation but the use of tachnology to realize the concept is marvelous.

Then there is this:

I relate to this picture well. The caption of the photo read "more davids than needed".

Lastly, I would like to point out this one:

Click on the individual image (better to right click and open in a new tab or window) to see the photographers' comments and the comments of the other members.