"The guitar has 6 strings and 24 frets." he said looking back and forth between his beautiful Ibanez SV and this new student. "The possibilites are many, dont limit yourself"

Limit myself? Bastard I have been chasing you around all week, be home when you give your students time for lessons! "Thank You".


"Hey man, can you give me a hug?"
"I'm sorry!?"
"Can I hug you"
"What do you mean?"
"See, my girlfriend is over there, and she is hugging this other girl. She is making me jealous"
An eyebrow is raised, and a puzzled look is put on the face.
"Just give me a hug and pretend we are mates and then she will be jealous too"
"I am not sure that will work... why don't you just go and try to talk to her?"
"There, she is back! There you go". An exit is made.