Solar System - Planets - Earth - Life

People. We live on one planet. We might as well live on different planets.
We have made borders to call our own. Our levels of tolerance is low.

Add on top of that we do have similar physical features according to where our borders stand. Then we have different creeds, different ideologies, different pasts. Differend ideas of a future.

In light of the latest skirmishes on the planet we should all realize this.
As long as our borders are not treaded on by aliens, we are fine.
The lives within a border are valuable to those within it. Anything outside is tragic, boo hoo, and lets move on. Look closer through a microscope, this could be the same for a family. If someone from the family is in a fire, boo hoo and change the channel. If its someone from the family, then it matters more. On a national level, it plays out in a larger scope.

I guess as we go through life and time, extending borders, doing business,
making our money, these are our Rules of Engagement, or for Collateral Damage.