Headline: Gazipur garment workers go berserk after accident


A Chandana-bound bus from Sadarghat in Dhaka ran over three garment employees
at Signboard Bus Stand area around 8:00am

* 30 people including six policemen were injured
* torched three buses
* vandalised 12 vehicles
* attacked policemen and fire engines
* compelled eight factories to shutdown for the day

Surely, the world will be a better place tomorrow. Road safety will be assured, and people will not be vindictive.


Then again, i am sorry for the cynicism above. Its just that reading newspapers can be an overwhelming experience for me, and lately, these vandalism and hartals just serve to prove to me that people are mindless. Are we? Isn't it a shameful reaction to ...whatever?

Anway, Daily Star had another article titled By The Numbers
No more hartals, no more sieges
, where there is a paragraph that ends like this -

AL and BNP leadership ought to have no reason to disagree with such propositions,* given that the interest of the country remains uppermost in their minds.
That just made me laugh for the joke it is. I shall maintain this stance till I see some proof.

Having just watched a PBS documentary titled Communism - The Promise and the Reality, I have come to the conclusion that all people pursuing leadership of a mass of people are narcissistic, fascistic and sadistic to different levels, and who sees clearly at the end of their struggle for position, that they are driven by their thirst for power and a godline stature. To be supreme. All else are just means to an end.

* Propositions for a ban of student politics and siege programs.