Since seeing the post of AG y'day about 'How/What foreigners feel/say about Bangladesh' (something like that), I started going through the blogs listed on
ReZwan bhai's blog of the foreigners living in Bangladesh. I knew this list existed but never really thought of going through them! So far read some of this Tara person's blog, who works in an NGO here.
Also I got to fiddling around with my profile, and noticed that they have the parts of my location as links: Uttora, Dhaka, and Bangladesh!

So just clicking on these will take you to a list of all the blogs from these locales! Other parts of a profile are aslo shown as links so you may just search for blogs ..say with matching interests and so on. Apparently, I am the only blogger from Uttora! But there are some blogger people from Uttara! These spellings are the stuff of another post... forget it.

Meanwhile the day goes on going through java and javascript. woohoo....