I do not mean books here!

Y'day, one of my colleagues had a lil' problem while coding and so he called me up... Two heads are better than one! bollocks! U really need to consider which heads you are putting together.

He described his problem to me - "I am creating a Date object, then printing it... shows 01 26 2005. Then when i apply the specific timezone it should become 06 06 2005 but its not! Its printing Jan again!!!!" Thats all he needed to tell me to make me see what he saw... a mistake. Later he called me to tell me that someone else had helped him out... and he had the widest grin on his face! I knew that meant that we deserve to be 'offed' with our heads for stupidity. The date was printed as Jan 26 before... and Jun 26 later. But we all read the first and the third letter of the month's abbreviated form and totally ignored the vowel in between! Ugh.

This is kinda like the lil' forward that went around a couple of months back... with a whole para of words with jumbled up letters in between the proper first and last letter (E.g. - nevremore) which everyone was still able to correctly decipher!

And then theres my cousin ishti... who just does not feel the need to read a complete word. Nope.. no time for that! He reads the first letter, probably sees the size of the word, and guesses a word. Its funny ...the sentences he comes up with sometimes! Or when he is reading from a billboard!