A lot of people take pleasure and pride in the "Rules are meant to be broken" mantra. It was almost a credo in the O and A level days. Recently, I have been looking around me and finding some rules that still make me mad!

- You can book a practice pad, the minimum is 4 hours. A 'practice pad' just means that place where a musical band can get together to practice or 'jam'. These places have a drum set and the neccessary heavy electronics like amplifiers and a mixer. But 4 hours! There are often cases where two bands get together to share these sessions, where 2 hours are just enough for some of us! Even one hour time spans would be good to have some fooling around sometimes! I miss the pads back in Malaysia, where half-an-hour was the minimum.

- Go Far OR No Go. The taxis, no matter how many wheels they have have some weird rules they abide by. If you are not going somewhere really far, so that their meters run to an amount of takas 50 or more... they are most likely not to take you!
Say from Kakoli Bonani to somewhere in Gulshan 2, their meter would probably not run at all, thus making the fare Taka 12 (three-wheelers) or Taka 15 (black cabs). Even though they would not take a customer that close, they will gladly run that distance without fare looking for the big catch!

This is now becoming quite a problem since Rickshaws are being banned from certain places more and more.

- Rain! No Go!. What happens when it rains! I have my feet wet, my jeans are soggy at my feet, there is dirt and mud there, I am gradually reaching the point of being drenched, and all taxi walas and rickshawalas are denying me their services. Or hiking up prices to tremendous heights. Usually, they do not want to go! What is it about rain that so turns them off!

- Dress Codes. The food shop Coopers have recently put on signs saying no 'Lungis' (some may be more familiar with the word "Sarong"). Others have signs saying "The Authority Reserves the Right Of Entry" ..which basically means if they dont think you are upto par with their set of standards, they will not let you in. Some social clubs also have these kind of rules. Chittagong Club does not allow anyone in without collars, shoes and trousers from evening. Ali Zaker once wrote an article in the Star's Weekend Magazine about another club that would not allow him in since he was wearing paijama punjabi!!!!

[DISCLAIMER: This whole post is inspired by this post.]