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The Number Of Books I Own
Close to 6 (I think... I am scratching my head)!

Last Book Bought
Bangladesh - A Legacy of Blood, by Anthony Mascarenhas

Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me
Bangladesh - A Legacy of Blood, by Anthony Mascarenhas. The disturbing things of the present politics of Bangladesh were brought to light with this book. It answered a lot of questions I had about our country's journey to its current plight.
Nillohit'er Ayna. A philosophical, introspective account of things from the writer, very wittingly put. I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and lost track of it after having lent it to a teacher at school to read.
The God of Small Things. This was a comeback book, at university when i had given up reading.
The Bourne Identity. I am a political thriller buff... and this was the best to me.
The Golden Treasury. This was a collection of poetry that the school introduced to us... and since then it has been one that i frequently run through.


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