I always heard how important this band was such an important part of the history of the Rock scene here in bangladesh. Today was the first day that i actually listened to their album. Some of the songs were familiar since I heard them before, like 'Janalar Biare' and 'Ei Din Ar Shei Din'. And today was also the first day that I appreciated them. Back in the days when I first stumbled into the world of rock music and more... I was mildly allergic to anything slow, e.g Scorpions' Holiday, which I later learnt to appreciate. I just sort of developed the brain to understand the actual flow of emotions that is possible with slow, transparent music. I aslo developed a sense of liking for music that shows potential, or that which tends to show or give me an idea of actually what the artist was trying to do. For example the track Breach did in 'Prothom Chitkar' (one of the worst produced/mixed compilations to ever hit the market, thanks to "Tone and Tune").

Today while listening to Rockstrata's historic album that is exactly what I did. I appreciated it for what it could be, or what it promises. The album's mixing is horrible and the vocals leave a lot to be desired. But overall, considering the time and place of the birth of this album... its kicks butt, even of a lot of the rock bands that exist today. I absolutely enjoyed this album (except for the membrane tearing, neurone wracking screams of their guest vocal Sunjoy {Warfaze}).

I remember as a kid how difficult it was to come across music, literature related to music. But still some people probably took immense pain to venture into ways of changing that. What immediately comes to mind is the magazine Rock and Rhythm! I wonder if the newly produced tv show is related to it. Also there was Rainbow, Records (Chittagong) - the source for music for the musically starved. Rainbow also had a music magazine for sometime. No internet! Somewhere along the way, somewhere between MTv And Zee tv, things changed a lot.

By the way, there is a concert this saturday with a list of bands that is truly worth it....

Fulbanu's Revenge
Breach (Comeback)
Nemesis (Comeback)
The Watson Brothers (Comeback)
Cryptic Fate (Comeback)

Its been named "Underground Recharge"! :)