Today we spent a lot of noisy time. Its called Brainstorming in the real world. Where more than one heads get together to show off their brain power. Its almost like girl power but less appeal.

We wanted to create the perfect code generator. With a lot of marketing buzzword, high goals and utopian dreams floating about in the office, this is where we ended up. In the conference room, three of us ...and our brains. Which if you consider the 'seeing is believing' philosophy, will dispell the whole notion. Anyways, there is also a saying "An idea can change your life"... so we fought hard... the storm was a raging bull, and each of us a ... a guy in spain ... i mean.. a ... wat do you call them... a mmmmm... its at the tip of my tongue. [I remember now.... A MATADOR! yesssss]

Anwyays, later after the hurly burly was over... I sat down and had a great idea! Gooooogle! some of us are so slowwwww! Anyways, it opened my eyes to a whole new world! And also some worlds which i had forgotten about (Like Velocity and MiddleGen).


And of course, the blog that lend me a start: