Woe is me. Caught between the love of two hot women... not quite... I just got accepted in to the Masters in IT program for the major: Art and Technology. It seems like an interesting, exciting program from here. Where I am now, i have a comfortable job, on the verge of releasing a single, and... well, just in a lifestyle i have gotten used to in a while. Aabto aadatsi hay mujhko eisey jinemey. Maybe thats what also scares me. The move to Sweden is also kinda scary since the program is unconventional, and probably not usable if i come back to Bangladesh afterwards. Sweden is also an expensive place to live in, so even though the university charges no tuition, the expenses still reach $700 approx. per month!

I had a chat with the bosses today about this. I think they know now that i am confused. I love ..ok not love. . but like this job... where i can dress as I like and listen to music while i work... and blog :) ... but the life outside the office is just lifeless, uneventful, boring. And too many hours of work at the end of the day just makes me a zombie in front of the tv. "The blues aint nothing but a good man feeling bad". I heard this in the movie The Crossroads, and had it on my msn messenger beside my name. My bosses made me take it away, but thats besides the point... i think all my confusion and latent dissatisfaction with life has rekindled my affinity for the Blues.

I had a chat about this with Imran... who said the same! So i guess whether life is in Canada or Bangladesh, you can never escape the blues. hahahhahahah. I am laughing at the face of misery cause i can play the blues. Or maybe i am just loco. The History Channel has started a program by the name of "History Rocks" , and i caught their episode on Eric Clapton the other day. Seems like this is one person who very fittingly entered the world of Blues! His life had repeated bouts of misery! The worst is probably the death of his son, who by accident fell from a high rise apartment!

Generally, my taste in music has been really shifting towards the roots of rock. Blues and Rock and Roll! Since my amp has baimani-fied with me, i had almost stopped playing guitar. But now i have borrowed another from a friend, and resumed practice. The roots of rock is all that is coming out now.

My band and I have also decided to give recording a shot with our track "Ei Prothom". Its also similar to rock and roll.... but with a touch of grunge. We have been jamming with this guy named Raziq for quite a while. He is a chubby guy, so i thot he would have a powerful voice (Think: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan... think The Blues Travelers). But not so.... he has decent idea of scales and all... but his voice is quite thin. He does justice to "Ei Prothom" however. And we have made him realize that he does not sing from the stomach! so Lets see.. we have to keep jamming. I spent almost 4/5 hours reprogramming the drums to the song to incorporate the ending we have come up with during our jams. Its so ... boring. I hate working on software. Magic happens at the jams, but in front of the PC... i am not enjoyin it. Thats why i had the tv on while i was working last night.

I think i'll spare the world from the rest of the banter.

[The Hardest Button to Button is a song by The White Stripes. They are an example of what happens when Rock N' Roll and Punk is your influence in this day and age. I would suggest everyone out there to listen to their song: Seven Nation Army]