Two albums were released y'day:
Agontuk 3 (a compilation of 15 bands, and thus 15 songs), and
X Factor, an instrumental album by Jewel of Miles.

AFter hearing both, my heart and mind really goes out to X Factor. The AG 3 album is boring quite frankly. Black sang a song in English, which the peeps in Amadergaan are really praising, which i found really bogus. I mean... the words just don't gel with the rest of it. The music is ok. Pretty much what happened is that the aniticipation build up from the moment i heard of this album's coming to its release has really created an overrated excitement over it. So it all came crashing down, since the album didn't really present the artists in any new way. so far the good stuff to me is Zefyr, Cryptic Fate, Icons, Aashor, & Echoes.

X Factor is Jewel bhai's attempt at a solo album. The designs on the cover and insides are well done. It features Manam Ahmed on keys, Sumon bhai on bass, and Shaju (Artcell) on drums. Its heavy use of software is well documented too. Since i am in the office in a room with no rock enthusiasts, i heard it at low volume, but it still seemed promising.