Far And Away. This movie was first suggested to me by harry (harun). The passion with which he suggests a movie is what amazes me... "Maan its soooo goooood" is what he'll say with all his heart, eyes all shiny. Tho his influence on getting me to buy "Hum Tum" was not really appreciated, this one made up for it. Far and away is a tale of two people from two ends of their lives in Ireland countryside (one a farmer, the other a daughter of a rich landlord) leave their shores for the shores of America, the new land. Its based on those times when America was 'new land'. The story is nicely woven with the hate to love chemistry transformation between these characters played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (i think this is where their real life relationship started as well - Well actually.. it was 'Days of Thunder' as Shapps pointed it out...).

Cold Mountain. This is a story from the time of the war between the north and south of America. Here as well, romance is the theme of the movie. A reverand's daughter (N Kidman) falls for a working man in some brief encounters (Jude Law). Before they can get to know each other Jude is whisked off to the war that had broken out. It shows a lot of the chaos that the war had created in the far lands like Cold Mountain, and the resolve of this woman who is waiting for this man whom she barely knew... Its got great dialogues... thats what i found most appealing about the movie. Leaving the romantic lines alone.. i'll try and reproduce one of the dialogues about life:

"I believe there is a plan for everyone. A design. A bird flies somewhere, eats seed. Bird shits seed, plant grows. Bird's got a job, shit's got a job, seed's got a job. And've got a job"