in between bonani and mohakhali shorok is a tnt colony which is beside a bosti. there is a road through that bosti which can be used to go to mohakhali and thus gulshan 1 by rickshaw. during then you can see the garbage dumped by the waters, the small huts, you can get the stench of rot. across the water you can see the buildings on the other side, which provide a more humane abode for those who can afford it. we went by that road last night... and it was as if we were just passing by a grand river, and with the darkness hiding all the garbage and the poverty, it was hard to tell for someone who didnt know, that there was a bosti there. I sarcastically spoke out 'beautiful bosti' while i took this picture.... Now i realize, its not the bosti that is beautiful, but the view on the other side... the other side of the fence or the promise of a better place.... a better life, light on the other side of darkness.