While i was priding on myself on not taking the cable again... refraining from watching tv like a 'zombie'.. flat mate duely pointed out that I was in fact zombying out... but just in front of my laptop by watching movies, or music performances!!! he's right... flat mate c'mon join the fun!!

Well, lets see, in movies the past week there was:

Fiddler on the roof: A Musical. The backdrop was a small russian jewish village which works like a clock with all playing their parts and in peace and harmony. The focus was on the family of a farmer with 5 (or 6) daughters who prided on the traditions that he, his family and all his village people live by. t-r-a-d-i-t-i-o-n.... they'd sing about it!!! But amongst all this is the search of their mother to arrange her daughters' wedding, where age is not a factor, but the wealth and status of the man is. After all, he has to be 'able' to keep them happy! But inside the daughters all hoped and dreamt of more romantic encounters, and experiences, which they eventually get... at the leniency of their father... who sees their point of view. It was a well made movie which i saw attacking a lot of ...'tradition'al point of views, mostly about marriage, love and society. But instead of making it dark and an assault, it does so with comedy and positive attitude. This is very old, most of the things they attacked are no more in Russia or the west, but in this subcontinent, it is surprisingly still so.

Team America. The cheapest thrill of the week. Gary an actor is hired by 'team america, World Police' to curb the world of terrorists (bearded muslims, and a north Korean politician). Go figure. there was also the Film Actors Guild, which they kept referrring to as FAG, and a nonsense quote with something to do with dick, pussy and assholes! hmmm.

Love Song for Bobby Long. A long drama. I donno how i would have felt about it if it did not star Scarlett Johanson in it! John Travolta was good.

Kramer Vs. Kramer. I heard of this movie from parents a lot, and held the scene of the kid and father making breakfast for the first time after the mother leaves them in my head somehow. I watched it again this weekend and it jsut got me into thinking about Bollywood, coz they made a movie like this also. Its just amazing how they often just copy off hollywood. and sometimes the
1 and 1/2 hours of hollywood is not enough to cover the 3 hours of bolly, they often rip off various places. Sometimes off really old movies! think black and white.. like "It Happened One Night" starring Clark Gable. Google that to find out the year that came out!
Anyway, the K Vs. K was very good.