Friday, the only day off. And my sleep broke off at 9:30 am. Welll, isn't that just ironic, since i had to work so hard to get up at times like that even on workdays! Maybe its my recent attempt at disciplining myself that is responsible for this. I made me some cereal, and feeling tired still tried to go back to sleep.

The rest of the day was just bad. My usual activities of refuge - music, movies, books, friends all seemed to have lost its appeal. I felt like doing nothing. I was doing nothing. So, in a way i was doing what i felt like... :) I wasn't fooling anyone... i was bored.

I tried watching "The Motorcycle Diaries" again, since the last time fell asleep during. All i got there was a baaad headache. At 6 I got ready for an official dinner. With the same people I spend the 6 days of the week, and am going to spend the next 6. And all of us being such geeks, i could tell how much fun it was going to be. Anyway, all throughout the night I felt the headache and tried to keep my wits about me. The occassion was really not handled well, the food was disliked by most, i guess they can't do much without having biryani for the deshi tongue. I enjoyed the food since i seem to have a condition that does not allow me to enjoy grease that much. get all pukey. Occassionally its fine tho.

As of today, the saturday... i shall be online, my old friends from Malaysia will poke fun at the fact that i have to work on saturdays... well, i think i deserve it. I dont really need the saturday break all the time, but sometimes would be nice.

And this fancy mouse i bought earlier this year... is acting up today... the left click is really requiring some technique....