Tho i kindly refused amit's offer to join him for lunch at this new place 'time-out' (or old place.. its new to me), i ended up going there for dinner. and what a bunch we were! ol people from my old university (MMU Melaka), and also tanim and rubaiyath (non MMU people). Time Out seems like a nice place... jus when i was thinking there are so few places where you can sit outside walls and eat and enjoy a chat... a few places pop up... like Time Out. Tho we couldn't sit outside.. coz tanim was feeling hot! we had beef chap (our deshi version of beef steak maybe?), and paratha, lassi, coke. To top it all of.. sheesha.. strawberry flavored. Tanim kept choking with every puff!!! scary! the smokers, and i, as an ex-smoker had it. the others wouldn't go near it tho i tried to convince them that this is harmless. didn't buy it. then tanim wanted to have Nasi Goreng which was available at 'Chaat Street' across the open space outside (CS and TO share that space apparently, but share absolutely nothing else, competition is intense and they hate each other .. i think. they wouldn't do tanim the favor of going across the porch and getting him a plate of Nasi Goreng (in malaysian, Nasi= Rice, and Goreng = Fried). He went over there to ask those CS people if they would send over a plate of NG since the TO people said they would allow them to bring over a plate from CS. But CS people said that the TO people will want to fight them later over it... and that they would only allow him to take out NG .. if he can take it to TO and eat it.. fine! so much trouble over NG... why do people act so weird... for proprietary measures... sheessh... anyway tanim was adamant and he got his NG. He offered us some ... but all the MMU people who had like.. 4 or more years of this just refused.

It was fun listening to the AKTel bunch go over their problems, of how GP was apparently fooling people to believe Edge was GPRS when it is not... of switching and MSCs, no, i think i stopped them before they got to MSCs! :) and then we talked of the latest grameen ads, since tanim was also part timing at an ad firm that does AKTel's ads.... but he apparently liked the GP ads, whereas Rubaiyath who likes beautiful things didnt think they were beautiful. tanim tried explaining that it was ok for their target audiences - the young.. then we realized, oh my god.. we are not young anymore! he said the ads were more with the rhetoric they use rather than the polished idea of beauty we see everywhere. its in your face.. i think i agree. donno much on the subject, but i think it gets a message across. but i must admit many cows on a pink/purple background, just was baad. anyway, we stopped them too.. and then had a merry ol time looking back on life in MMU and making fun of each other... what else are friends for?