I recently heard a story. It was apparently in the news, so maybe people out there will correct me on my incorrect reprodction of it.

A family of one mother and two of her daughters apparently suffered from schizophrenia (help: Spelling?) after the man of the house died. The mother became paranoid that the world outside is cruel and harsh, and will come soon to take away from them all that is theirs. She convinced her two daughters who used to live with her about the same. There was another sister but she was living with her husband somewhere else. Apparently she was not allowed to come into the house because she was part of that cruel world outside. They survived in low living conditions, as long as they could avoid the world. Later the mother died, and the two sisters didn't dare take the body outside. Only when the mother's corpse started rotting did they start contacting others. One of the sisters was an engineer and the other a doctor.

More in the news, a little kid was beaten to death by a teacher. Another story was reported on tv during a talk show about stress in BTV by a called from a village where the teacher had managed to wound a student in such a way that he was bleeding from the head. the crime: he forgot his geometry toolkit.

And of course, we all know that the white collar crimes that take place are carried out by 'educated' people. Is there no way to curb crime, greed and violence with education? Clearly the teachers mentioned here have psychological issues! they need help. we need help.