Professions that are respectable in the eyes of middle-class and upper-class bangladesh Bangladesh:
High ranks in the military
Executive in a multinational
(Did i miss any?)

Those that are not:

Factory Worker
House Help
Teacher (debatable in personal opinion.. but this is not about personal opinion. And probably will be excused if you are a woman)
All other professions.

Would i be wrong to say this? If i am wrong, then through my own weird twisted logic i will be very pleased. If NOT, is this right i wonder... or healthy?

Not to mention that the police and other govt. service workers have over the years earned their disrespect! Again, some businessmen also probably deserve disrespect in various degrees, but their ownership of wealth makes it all ok.

Money makes someone 'borolok' instead of just 'dhoni'. Could it be that this little piece of language is confusing us? And i laugh when i remember once that the driver of a CNG three-wheeler i was traveling in scolded a rickshawala as 'goriber baccha' for complaining about his bad driving! lol... the class system of money is here to stay?