I have been sick and away from a lot of things for a while. work and the internet mostly. after recovering i found that i was just listening to the heavy and hard music from my collection (from AC/DC to Symphony X and Nightwish). But since y'day i am on the easy listening side. listening to 'Riders on the Storm', Ntin Sawhney, Marty Friedman's slow colossal jap sounding pieces, and so on. Today was the same too, u2, van morrison and neil young for the larger part of the morning.

also found this interesting website: SongFacts.com
. People come here and report facts about a song. I found out that the song Zooropa of U2 was composed with the slogans from commercials!

Also found out that PEarL jAm (maaai favorite rock band) didn't do a video for six years after their album 'Ten' came out. then they did the video for 'Do the Evolution' which was totally animated and didn't feature any of the band's memebers. The animation i found out was done by a guy called Todd McFarlane (the guy behind the Spawn comics and also Korn's Freak On a Leash video's co-director, and their 'Follow the Leader' album's cover artist.

Mosha and i have also started working on a track. I went to collect my guitar and processor from his house, and in a short time before that i played some stuff which he recorded. Later he cut riffs off and loaded them up as samples on his Fuityloops Studio (its a software) and made something off, having added Tabla and Drums on it. The riff itself was a rip off of the bhatiali kind of tune u hear often on songs about the rivers and the boat people (o majhire...). It was all good. then we had the idea of jamming on it again, to see what it could be made into (we just have only one minutes of audio so far!). Of course we don't have any lyrics for it, so making it into an instrumental piece was the idea. I feel that using guitars any more on it will just make it something ordinary and told him that Trumpets are what we need, to JaZz it up. anyway, since we don't have any trumpet playas on hand, we decided to try guitars with the processed tones from our processors. We jammed for a long time and in the end added some solos over the track. at the end of a long period of work, none of us liked what we heard. Back to square one.