its here again. The end of the week. Once again the planning will start for this one day of break from work, from the blockage of the time of day between morning and night. I am baffled as usual as to what i shall do.

Will go meet my uncle who is visiting from UK, dad will also be in town... meet them, then contact Bipu mama, take his tablas and head on for some recording.

Or anything else.

: ) its really not enough for me!

But as my friend says, the shortage of time is a good thing. He will usually compose tunes while he has classes at university, and not do much during the weeks of his holidays. Even then it is still a little difficult to do that while hurdling the 10 - 6 job i have (usually i miss the 10 am entry time and also miss the 6 o clock exit!). Like last week I recorded with Ashu quite a lot, but i could feel the struggle to gather the energy and motivation to play a note on my guitar. Hopefully tomorrow i will not personally play anything, just sit and watch, and brainstorm.

PEaCe and Respects.