Recently under the influence of friends (Mushfique and Saif namely) I have adopted the use of a few softwares to record music.

My soundcard is an old SB Live and my pc an old P2 433MHz machine with a 34 GB hdd space. Hardly the setup that would fully support a task such as running audio editing/arranging/rendering softwares and hardwares! Indeed so, coz i get hung up quite often.

Even though, I managed to do quiite a lot with the help of the friends who were more experienced in the process.

The softwares i have used so far are Sonic Foundry's Acid Pro, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk, and Fruityloops. So far i have only stuck with Audition and Fruityloops. Being interested mainly in creating rock music, that works for me. I create drum tracks for a song with FL and then lay it out in Audition and record as many tracks of guitar as i want. And sometimes i even put bass on with the pickup selected on the one that enahnces the bass strings. So far so good. Then i even try singing on them sometimes.. ok, lets leave that out coz, none of the audition plugins and whatnot could make that sound like music. Audition is really easy and intuitive for me... thats what its appeal is to me.

With Saif and his brother Ashu, who are hip-hoppers, I worked and am working on a few instrumentals. So this time we switched my old soundcard with Delta M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (or something like that.. pardon me .. I am bad with names.). plus we got hold of a mini synthesizer, and a giant synthesizer (which our other member of the project uses with his guitar), a BOSS drum machine and other such things. This project will be a mixture of rock and hip-hop and eastern instrumentations. A tabla will also be used.

People in the west (say even Saif and Ashu who stay in the UK) are already well ahead with the use of softwares such as these and are setting up good quality studios in their own home. Dhaka is well behind still, with unavailability of softwares/hardwares, or even when they are available ... the unavailability of the knowledge of the use of such wares. Some of the studios in Dhaka have moved on to use these soft/hard wares in production, like 'Art of Noise'.

Recently I have found out a community on the internet that is comprised of people involved with electronic music. From there I have found the inspiration to maybe soon turn my laptop into a recording machine, I have found countless reviews on soft/hard-wares, found out about laptopalooza (something like lollapalooza but with djs who use their laptops to make music) and loads of other stuff. It is an interesting place where a lot of creative people come together have brilliant and intellectual conversations with each other... ok... maybe not.. its interesting nonetheless. Pay a visit: EM 411 .com

My half-done pieces: [Click to proceed to the MP3 section].