Healthy Habits
ok, after ages of just talkin about it, we (me and fellow jogging enthusiast Fuad) went for a jog this morning. it was 8 in the morning, a bit late for our choice, but we thot... 'Now or never' since any time we do wake up early we just fall back into sleep after minutes of little struggle! So anyway, the sun was not out and it was actually drizzling outside. Now or never was the motto. we had to start sometime! So we walked to the park in sector 7 and then started jogging. Fuad did a little sprint too! i didnt want to overdo anything on the first day and spend the day at the office thinking about the pains all over my body! so all went well. just as we stopped jogging, started some free hand exercise. Then, it happened. Started raining dinosaurs and elephants. Or whales. Ok, it wasn't really heavy but i do think it was a sign. On the first day of our attempt at starting healthy habits... it rainss!!! ouch. i was grumbling all the way back home.

Since last night the boys at the office were up and down with one word "GMAIL!!!!!" it must be how "Eureka" sounded when the naked scientist ran down the streets. But anyway, this morning thanks to 'Saiful Saiful' and 'Mssaikat''s invitations i got a taste of it too.

Its pretty good. So far its been fast and there is address autocomplete and ...well... 1GB of space!!! hmmm... will all my skeletons fit in this closet?

hhaha.. time wil tell.