Just cancelled the thought of going to Goteborg Sweden to pursue a masters in IT with focus on Art and Technology. From start it was a glitchy process. They refused me in their preliminary selection process and then again by their own grace re-considered me for the program in their second round of selections.

Then the papers from them that was the letter of acceptance or invitation ...however you want to call it did not arrive! Then i asked them to fax the papers to the embassy so i could apply directly for the visa. This took a while considering it was summer!

I was on my way to the embassy to collect the forms. The embassy was apparently in Gulshan 2 beside the GrameenPhone office! That day i found out painfully that there are two GrameenPhone offices in Gulshan 2 ...on its opposite ends!

In the end with one month remaining, my father dismissed the possibility of preparing the amount of money neccessary for me to start a new life in Sweden in time. And that was that.