I am finding it very difficult these days to visualize how I am going to manage my goals of making music while carrying on at work. I DO not however want to end up in the cliche, and have to say that i had to sacrifice 'dreams' for surviving reality.

With only fridays off, i get one day to arrange for a session for my band to come together and jam on new material and practice old stuff. On top of that is the complication of having no vocals for the band! I have had tried out a few guys in the past and seen no real promise in any of them. Another dude is in queue now but I am trying to figure out how to handle this. That too, I'll have to fit it into my friday. On top of that is the fact that it takes so much time to move from one place to another due to traffic! ooof... like the song says: Aar parina aar parina amar klanti amay kaday [Aurthohin].

I dont think i have composed anything since I started working! So maybe the whole creative process is getting stomped.

Today is monday and i am thinking of these stuff. They usually crowd my mind on saturday mornings when i am lying in bed after waking up and before getting up for work.