aaj 12ta porjonto chilo shok dibosher hortal. Aaj shei din jedin Sheik poribarer onekjon-ke mere fela hoy. What other day would have been more perfect for the opposition's leader's birthday? Depending on who is ruling you are either celebrating or mourning.

I mourn everyday for the plight of this country i call my own. bebodhan berei cholchey eikhane motamot, dhon shompotti aar ggyaner. Rukkhota bere uthchey manusher kotha bartay, beboharey. Its like a man who is in his deathbed, cursing everyone around him for the bitterness that has grown in him slowly through the years in his life.

I was reading in the newspapers of south africa (iol.co.za) today about how school children went out in a rally to demand electricity, and school teachers! hmmm.. even though the rally ended up in a riot and police had to be called in... i am amazed to see that the demands were so .. realistic. Unlike here where rallies are mostly political and which involve 'paid protesters'! Sometimes street children. Its such a shame.