Planning of this has been going on since Saif and I first did one song together with other musician friends of ours. The song was called 'fish song' for no good reason... it had reference to fishes in its words and soon we started referring to it as 'the fish song'!

Anyway, this time, Saif is not here, but his brother Ashuis around. Also on board is Fahmi a brilliant guitar player with loads of ideas in his head. We also have Bipu mama standing by who is a maestro on the tabla. Only thing we lack now is time and co-ordination. I finish work at or after 6 pm. That leaves about 2- 3 hours to work with in the day. And Fahmi gave me the bad news that he is starting classes for his masters degree soon!

But lets see what happens, we have decided for now to start from tomorrow. BUT first i have to collect my friend's guitar effects processor so i can tune my guitar and get ready. We meet with Fahmi day after tomorrow. Hope to see some great instrument jams to shape up by the end of this month. to ...Get your groove on