"To Serve and Protect"

I think i heard that phrase in a movie. Something to do with the police. Well, that was just a movie! and where we are, the next in line in the scare list after criminals are the police.

Its a institutionalized symbol of the crude politics, and the corruption of our govt. Its an institution whose corrupt ways are most widely known. You can see them on the roadside, standing, on one foot, hands on their hips, licking their teeth behind their closed mouths, with their focusless gazes and their big tummies! If there is a bunch of them they will be sitting around having a chat.

Recently however you will see often some lean officers, with a beret and sunglasses, often resembling Stallone from the movie Cobra. So is there hope?


You go to make a GD, you will have to pay for their attention and time (And i wondered why people want to evade taxes). They are mostly ill mannered and ill-trained. So what can you say. Its become common knowledge about the sum of money required to enter the police force. It is common knowledge that despite the low salary scales of this job, it is LUCRATIVE!!!! It is common that a police man will take bribe! its like dark clouds and rain. Whether a drizzle or a storm.. it will rain. Gloomy, i know! :)

Extortion, is the latest in the 'services' offered by our uniformed protectors. With politicians on their backs to have them stop the opposition from protesting, the arrests of common people is rising. Suspicion is enough to arrest someone and the suspicion does not have to be stated or logical. Then maybe or maybe not, you will get a beating and then your family members can come and pay to take you back home.

Once a long time back a school girl on the way back home was the victim of a policeman. The headline of that story said all there is to be said about this:

"Rokkhok jokhon Bhokkhok"