The country suddenly seems to have taken a turn for the worst. The ruler, the opposition are now in the center of everything. With the attack on the opposition leader and her 'party people' yesterday, accusations and rumors are now abundant as the polluted air in the city. The opposition leader is in shock, but physically unharmed. Other top leaders of her party are however in hospitals having really suffered from the bomb blast.

This morning the paper was blistered with the ghastly images of the suffering that followed the blast. People in shock, bleeding, lying dead on the street, or being dragged away by a helping hand.

I always found the news of our politics very disappointing and disheartening. I would have a bad day any day i was graced by the news paper in the morning! And today i was left speechless, just thinking of how I ended up where i was. Strangely though, that feeling didn't last and i did not have a bad day. I went to work. I took the bus in the morning, tried to help a lady by offering to her my seat (she refused by the way!), had lunch, made jokes at work, all the usual stuff plus i read more news on the internet! News was of abundance anyways, one did not need to look around for it today. The phone would ring and carry with it news of skirmishes here and skirmishes there.

A train which was bound to chittagong was burnt. There was a fight in motijheel. Ivy Rahman the wife of an MP and an activist herself for AL on and so forth. And also the warnings from concerned relatives and friends poured in, "Go home early" they all said.

Well, the popular belief now is that this is the ruling parties' dirty politics. Logic fails me now and i don't know what to think. Why would BNP call on such risks upon themselves by attackin AL in such a fashion? AL would not inflict such a wound on itself. Or would it? Is it some third party's work? What was achieved from this other than the looming possibility of total chaos?

Well, its politics. Bangladeshi politics. Every party wants our good, our well-being. But they just can't stand shoulder to shoulder amongst themselves to unite and achieve that. They hate each other with arrogance, and rage. The Jonogon (people) as always are caught in the crossfire. I am one of those jonogon who hates them back. But there is no arrogance in my hate. Only rage.

Politics was made a dirty word a long time ago, but we are on the forefront, trying to give it a new dimension of dirtiness it seems.