This is about SECRETS. Is there such a thing called a secret?
Since morning the song that was stuck in my face was "Queen of
the Stone Age"'s 'The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret'. While humming
the words of that song i began to think of the lifecycle of a secret.

We come up with something we want to keep a secret and we tell someone
we trust. And like the chorus of the song, we say "Don't tell anyone!"
He or She we trust again passes on the secret to someone trusted. I think
this continues till the secret, though not really public knowledge, is
known to many in different circles of trust!!!

Even if I don't make sense... do listen to the song. Its a cool one and this is the
last verse of it:

I think you already know
How far I'd go not to say
You know the art isn't gone
And I'm taking my song to the grave
[The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret:
Queens of the Stone Age]